Fashion Friday: The LWD


I am MAD obsessed with the LWD for summer. I am pretty sure I was equally as obsessed last summer but never found the right dress. I want it to be short, but not too short, delicate but not “show your underwear” sheer with a full skirt and tight bodice that gives you the boobs of a Victoria’s Secret angel without needing a bra….

What do you mean that magical garment does not exist????

Alas, a girl can dream….Just be sure to carry Shout Wipes if you are like me and always end up with coffee/mustard/salad dressing down the front of anything white within 5 minutes of leaving the house.

One of my fave all time white dresses on Jen Aniston in The Break Up (actually, her whole wardrobe in that movie rocks)

My dream LWD outfit for a casual summer weekend… I will ahve to check out the fit on this Madewell number!


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