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Saw these Belgian loafers on a reader’s Instagram and had to know where they were from…

Turns out, Target! Dying, they look just like the Lanvin ones I’ve been coveting for fall. Ordering a couple pairs. The mint for sure.

I am ALL about re-upholstering my vintage chairs in my office with a large, black single stripe down the center, like these from Chairloom.

Reminds me of this Kate Spade bag that would be awesome for fall/winter!

Speaking of Kate Spade, did you see she made an “I Married Adventure” book clutch? Love it! I still need a copy of that book somethin’ fierce.

Totally loving Hyla Dewitt’s jewelry that is both bold and edgy.

Waaaaaaay loving Blair Ritchey’s tassel clutches! Put a tassel on anything and I will buy it.

And since everyone and their mother (literally) has the J.Crew leopard iPhone case I have I am looking for another one and this stripey Kate one will do me just fine I think (I know, more Kate, but she’s killin’ it right now!) Or perhaps a monogrammed Iomoi one. Can’t decide.

Have a wonderfully happy weekend everyone!


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