Fashion Friday: Vacation and Occasion Dress Roundup


A bunch of you guys asked for some dress roundups so I thought today was as good as ever to do one – here are some vacation dresses AND occasion dresses.  Trends are ALL over the board right now – from Little House on the Prairie meets Bridgerton floral/smocked situations to wild bold colors and crazy cutouts (“is that a really long bathing suit or a dress?”). These are a little bit more middle of the road, I think. I’m dipping my toe into cutouts on a small scale, but not sure I can make the leap to baring my ribcage at dinner.



If you’re looking for one dress to get you through just about anything this spring/summer it’s a maxi slip dress. I bought this one for a school auction event. The fit is amazing, you can dress up (big, blingy earrings and strappy heels) or down (denim jacket and fun sandals). It comes in a few colors too.


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