Fashion Friday: What Not To Wear


I’m taking this fashion Friday to out some trends that I think are just ridiculous. Now I admit, when leggings and skinny jeans first came back I swore I would not partake, and I certainly have, but if you spy me wearing shoulder pads please knock me unconscious.

1) Bizarre leg wear. These look good on nobody- not even Gisele. (Those fringe ones in the middle are not a joke, despite appearances!)

2) Hammer pants. A droopy crotch is truly hideous.

3) Ridiculous denim trends that are just plain silly and unflattering.

4) This haircut. On anyone. Ever.

5) 80’s/90’s footwear that should have been left in that decade.

6) Shoulder pads. AHHH!!!! Why?

7) Dressing avante garde just for the sake of trying to be “avante garde“- even if it’s just plain ugly. Pretty always looks better!

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