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Having JUST returned from our amazing vacation last night, I thought I’d take the suggestion of an Instagram follower and share what I like to wear on the plane when traveling to and from warm to cold weather.  I never travel in sweats or workout clothes because I really do like feeling put together and alert when I travel (unless on an overnight flight, then bring on the leggings and big comfy sweaters!)  Getting properly dressed just makes you feel better! A close variation on this outfit got me from Boston to Jamaica and back without being absolutely freezing or sweaty as hell on either end or in the middle!

1. & 7.- I like wearing a simple white tank and white jeans as a base.  Once in a warm climate you can strip down to just these with the scarf and look good. Layering is KEY.

2. Sunglasses– necessary in both cold and warm places (and to hide bags when tired).  These are the ones I was wearing in my vacation Instagram shots, for those who asked!

3. Tiny sparkly studs, you can wear these through your trip and they don’t get in the way.

4. An easy to remove statement bangle you can quickly pull of when going through security, but helps you feel dressed when traveling.

5. A denim jacket to layer as well as the perfect thing have with you in warmer weather for nighttime.

6. The perfect, easy to layer sweater.

8. Slip on Converse sneaks. I was so glad I was wearing these when we had to sprint like Olympians through the Philly airport last night to make our connection home!  Also, easy on/ off for security and great for walks while on vacation when sandals are just not right.

9. An oversized scarf that doubles as a blanket on the chilly plane.

10. A roomy bag that can go crossbody or over your arm and can contain lots of magazines and water (and suncreen to the pool!)

Big post Monday on my trip! :)


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