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Behold, my perfect shoe!! The nude Laboutin patent d’Orsay open toe wedge. (Cue heavenly sounding hallelujah music)

NOTHING makes your legs look longer and sexier than nude heels. Seriously, trust me- they are like magic. They go with everything AND insanely elongating. However, I never spend lots of money on shoes because they always end up beaten up by the brick sidewalks in Boston. Don’t you just hate it when you are striding along and your heel gets stuck and you almost rip your foot off? Not graceful OR sexy. That is why I love wedges. They are way more comfortable and you never get stuck in cracks.
Not that with my 5’9″ frame I really need 3 ” wedges. But that’s why I married a guy who is 6’4″. :)

But $645???? Even I , the great “justifier of unnecessary purchases” cannot justify that.
I guess I have to wait until Nine West makes a similar pair. Booo.


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