Fashion Fridays: Wild Child.


One thing I learned this week is to stop taking life so seriously. This lesson is one that I myself need to really embrace. I tend to be a total Chicken Little type who, when things go a bit wrong, tends to run round screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”– and then things almost always work out fine anyways and I wonder why I wasted so much time getting so stressed out. Life is way too short to freak out about things that are inconsequential and unimportant. And it’s too short to not have fun with it. Especially when it comes to dressing (wow, I didn’t think I could link deep life lessons and fashion in one swift sentence…go me)
Like I’ve said before I want to stop playing it so safe and try new things out- why not? I saw this DVF tiger dress the other day and it made me smile. It’s so not something I would typically buy (tiger print yes, an actual TIGER on a dress, no). So last night I saw it again online and thought I’d put an outfit together using it. Why not? And I actually love it!

Wild One

Wild One by elementsofstyleblog featuring Diane von Furstenberg dresses

Have some fun this weekend- don’t think too much and just do something silly that you’ve never done before (or wear something you never thought you would).
Like I said, life’s too short not too.

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