Floral Fantasy


I am a bit wedding obsessed. I kind of wish I could have another one, but to the same husband. Mine was spectacular, but being a designer makes me adore all sorts of styles of weddings! City Chic Wedding, Seaside Wedding, Destination Wedding, Preppy Wedding, Modern Wedding… I really could have like 8 different ones. I’ll be that annoying person who renews her vows every five years so I can throw another decadent party.

The most crucial part of a wedding (besides booze and food) is flowers. I am quite obsessed with floral arrangements and think perhaps in my next life I’ll be a floral designer. I recalled looking at this florist for my own wedding and revisited the site today. If you love floral design and have about an hour to kill, go ahead and click here. It’s like heaven on earth for flower lovers and I just lost an entire hour of my day browsing the amazing work they do. Bride or not, I think you’ll appreciate!

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