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Yesterday I fell in love with florist Amy Merrick’s work, website and blog. Her florals have such a loose, english country garden kind of feel- all loose and natural and never, ever prim and proper.  And can we discuss this GENIUS website welcome page? It’ probably the best thing I’ve seen in, like, EVER:

Some of Amy’s work:

This looks like an old oil painting! So gorgeous!

I would love to have one of these on my large windowsill! If only I didn’t kill plants just by looking at them.

Amy has a summer home in New Hampshire called Elmwood that makes me want to be her BFF and run away there with her for the whole summer. It’s ancient, and not modern and updated and everything you think of when you think of a “summer cottage”…. charm abounds!

So wonderful to wake up to a breeze and flowers on the sill while in a antique spindle bed….

And why is it that I never, ever, ever find amazing paintings like this at flea markets? Am I going to the wrong flea markets? Mine seem to only have velvet Elvis paintings (which will never, ever be “in”)

I mean, come on. CUTE!

I want to be canoeing at dusk! Andrew and I went kayaking in Vermont the other weekend and I hadn’t has as much fun all summer as that!

She also went to Paris with her sister and pictures are marvelous. This one is absolutely fantastic. A framer.

The most touching post and pictures though are of Amy’s anniversary of an accident she was in in which she lost two and a half fingers on her left hand.  Her words and images are so move and a reminder that we all go through difficulties and some of us, if we approach it the right way, come out more wonderful on the other side. In the face of trgedy sometimes it’s hard to see past it, and other time it helps frame your life in a new, better light.

Also be sure to check out her AMAZING series on Design*Sponge. I cannot BELIEVE there is someone else out there that has Troop Beverly Hills on the top of their fave movie lists….and designed a look to coordinate!!!

I may have just found my soulmate.

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