For stationery addicts like myself…


Nothing beats opening your mailbox and finding REAL tangible correspondence inside from someone other than the traffic department warning you that you’ll be getting the boot soon unless you pay up. Iomoi is just the site for those of you who write letters still and want some funky, hollywood regency style stationery. And for those who ONLY correspond via e-mail, they even have e-stationery you can purchase in a variety of types and styles for just $15 a year! I’m SOLD on all counts!

Look further and you’ll find they make custom lucite trays (great for a bedroom dresser catch all), paperweights, custom coasters, address labels and big, fantastic boxes of matches (no more crappy restaurant matchbooks for you!). All of these items would make breathtakingly fab gifts.

I want one of everything please. No, make that two.

(e-mail stationery sample above- so friggin’ cool!)

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