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I noticed the other day that the reason Baxter makes such a mess when he eats is that I still have him dining out of the little bowls I bought when he weighed 4 pounds. So I decided it’s time for little Bax to get some new dinnerware- and of course, I want it to look good since it’s prominently on display in my open kitchen! I recalled posting about a great pair from Red Envelope (below) but sadly found out that they are discontinued! So I went in search of the coolest most functional dog bowls and feeders for the design savvy.

For a hip take on the basic bowl, check out these bright ceramic bowls and ribbed stoneware bowls from BarkSlope

Adding a slightly cooler vibe, try these acrylic bowls from Chromebones.

I really love these raised bent wood feeders, but wonder about their functionality and if baxter wold look at me like “You’re kidding right? I’m a DOG!” From The Modern Dog.

Understated, yet whimsical. From Pure Modern

More fantastic bent wood feeders from Modern Tails.

I love these bold, basic bowls with the stick graphic on them, as well as the very simply stated “Good Dog” white dish for a more minimalist feel. Also from Modern Tails.

And for the dog with a very discerning eye, here are some mod acrylic feeders from Petbitat. So chic, so cool, so…..expensive! I had to also post the lucite dog bed which I LOVE- it’s so impossibly ridiculous but totally awesome- a jaw-dropping $420.00!

I figure I should buy something a bit nicer for my little gentleman friend, seeing as he’s had a rough month!


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