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I have quickly become “that girl” who buys clothes for her pup, unbelievably expensive organic, raw dog food and $6 dog cookies decorated like Patriot’s jerseys all in the mere months I’ve been Baxter’s mom. Who are we kidding, it was inevitable that I would enjoy accessorizing my dog as much as I do my house! Can you imagine when I have a kid? God help us.
Anyways, lots of my readers have and love dogs so when I recieved this awesome faux bois pattered stuffed “branch” from my fab upstairs neighbor Lauren, I had to look up the company! Retro Pup makes toys and beds that look far more designer chic laying strewn about your floor than say, a squeaky rubber hot dog. Baxter LOVES his new “stick” and carries it all around the house and I don’t run to hide it in a basket when people come over. I even found him snuggling with it like a pillow asleep under my desk yesterday. Faux Bois anything is SO hip right now, and Retro Pup has certainly capitlized on that!
And since it’s Baxter “tested and approved” I can feel confident in reccomending them!
Be sure to check out all the colors available for the woodgrain pattern! :)


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