For the Love of Chairs


I have a new-found design crush, folks, and her name is Kimberly Applegate. I found her work on Daily Painters and am completely enamored with her small paintings of fabulous chairs. In many of the works she pairs each chair with a thourtfully chosen work of art which plays off the appearance, style and design history of the chair. Other works feature the chairs with little birds perched on them or flittering nearby. I love both! Right now she’s also offering prints of her work featured on her blog for just $18 each! Oh, happy day! A series of these would be just unbelievable. She’s totally tugging at my heartstrings since I am a known chair fanatic- like handbags, I could buy and buy and never be full!
In snooping around, I also found pictures of her house, and get ready to be jealous. Her kitchen has a mural, painted by her, that is insanely gorgeous! I love the personal, laid back yet wonderfully aartistic style she’s chosen to decorate her home in.

The mural is just to die amazing. I actually gasped when I saw this picture!

And just when you think “there is no way this woman could be any more talented”, it turns out she also produces these AMAZING notecards with her paintings and makes miniature ottoman boxes to store treasures (or said notecards) in as well! I am overwhelmed!

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