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Ok, I happen to be one of the people who think Ryan Gosling was ROBBED for People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2011 title, however, when I saw this picture of Bradley Cooper in his home and read that the huge photograph above him was of his beloved dog who passed away my heart skipped a beat. Not only is that so wonderfully loving, but isn’t a fantastic piece of modern art? One that has such personal meaning but also is so visually striking? It got me thinking about getting my boys photographed and so I went in search of pet photographers….

And of course the one I fell in love with lives in SEATTLE. Bummer, but just look at photographer Erin Vey’s work! She captures dogs in SUCH a magnificent way I could post 6,000 images I love. If you love her work and don;t live in the Seattle area you can actually buy prints of her work (printed up to a scale such as Bradley’s above) on her stock image site The Barkives! You can search by breed or featured aprt (tail, nose, etc.) So adorable.

all images courtesy of Erin Vey


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