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Frog’s Leap is one of my favorite wines (God knows I like my vino)- not only because it bears my nickname, but because when we visited Napa I had a colossal design meltdown over the winery itself. There was a lot of “ohmygodthisisamaaazzzinnngg!!!” being yelled as I ran about, wine in hand. If Martha Stewart herself were to build a winery it would look JUST. LIKE. THIS. The reason I’m posting this? Because I saw that on Rue La La today they are having a Frog’s Leap sale!!! Go here to join and buy! Cheers!

Pics of the drop dead gorgeous winery (my own pics are on some laptop I gave up on years ago now collecting dust in my closet, sadly). These do not do it an ounce of justice.

The “living room” area is a deep warm grey color and it is spectacular. The upper level overlooks it and gives the room so much height!

Off this room is the dining area with a wall of fold able glass doors that open it right up to a large covered porch! I cannot imagine how spectacular this would be for a private dinner party!!!!

Even the kitchen is straight outta MS Living!

If you go to Napa you MUST (I repeat, MUST) go here.
Until then, buy a bottle of wine and dream!


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