From the Runway to Hallway.


As our days get slightly chillier, we are reminded that fall is fast approaching. Pull out the sweaters and coats…or better yet, go get some new ones! Fall shopping is my favorite, and I’ve taken the biggest trends from the fall runways and translated them into home furnishings. Designers absolutely take note of what’s happening on the runways, as decorating your home is the equivalent of decking yourself out in the latest and greatest clothing and accessories!

#1 Shiny Grey and Silver
Gold has been hot for a couple years now, and I myself will not give up my gold strappy heels and ballet flats- after all, they go with everything. However, I will add some grey and silver into my wardrobe as it is hot in a big way for fall. Incorporate some shiny silver pieces into your home like this beaded pillow, silver birch vase and fantastic silver and white bamboo lattice wallpaper (which is going on the backs of my glass cabinet walls, thank you very much!)

#2 Bold Stripes
Back and white stripes are back. Think Parisian boatneck tees, fisherman sweaters….and bold Madeline Weinrib striped rugs and pillows (an Element favorite!)
#3 Knits

Cozy knits are everywhere- from sweater dresses, big, long sweater coats and even leggings. Bring some of that woven look inside with this rug, which is literally woven from old sweaters (also very “green”, which is another big trend). Or perhaps this Ralph Lauren knit throw pillow complete with cardigan button detail. (Note: Lots of grey found in this trend too!)

#4 Brights

Who would have thought purple and yellow would be hot colors again? But there they are, on every clothing site out there. Especially purple, the color of the season next the “new” neutral that grey has become. Take a vintage chair and cover it in a really bright, unexpected color or don’t commit quite as much- trends do come and go after all- and just get a throw pillow to liven things up.

(Side note: I would probably sell my soul to get my grubby little hands on this Donna Karan gown…to die for. But I would probably look quite mental walking Baxter in a $2,000 gown, no?)

#5 Ladylike Dressing/ Menwear Details

I love the tailored, “uptight-in-a-chic-way” style of dressing that hit the runways this season. Very proper, clean and classic. Think the same way about home furnishings. Can’t afford a quilted Chanel tote? Then up the cool quotient of your bookshelf with this amazing quilted set of books on the design house! Also, the prim and preppy look of grasscloth wallpaper is huge, and equivalent to a fantastic tweed pair of pants and skirt- it’ll never go out of style.

I could go on for HOURS with this post, but there is a dog to walk and walls that need painting! Have a fantastic weekend!

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