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Andrew and I both feel like death warmed over YET we can’t stay home in bed because 1) we have contractors working here all day 2) we’ve been gone for 8 days and have so much work to do. To say we are miserable is an understatement.  I know many of you out there share in our ill health so here are some things to help make you sick days a little more stylish (if that’s even remotely possible).

1. A cute pill box to keep your cold medication bedside.

2. The best looking humidifiers I’ve ever seen. I need one SO BAD.

3. Monogrammed tissue box cover. Cuteness. Also on my NEED list.

4. The series DVD set of SATC for some old school entertainment. Andrew gave me this years ago for Xmas and he said my reaction was on par with when he presented me with a diamond ring. Truth.

5. The funniest Jackie O sunglasses sleep mask. I got Andrew the red Ray Ban version for Xmas.

6. I’ve been chain-sucking honey cough drops.

7. Sweatpants go hand in hand with sickness, don’t they?


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