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Ok, it’s not the biggest dilemma, but just one I’d like to solve as I think it’ll add a whole lotta cheer to my house, which right now feels like a construction site covered in dust. I need something to pick me up when I pull into the driveway that helps me not miss the city so much.  We are going to be painting our shutters black but the front door I think should be a bold color (especially since it’ll be temporary as down the road we plan to replace it with a new one with side windows from top to bottom to let more light into our teeny tiny entry.) Oh, but what COLOR???

Here it is. Notice I have some issues with it currently (remove railings, find new lights). Forgot to note that I hate my screen door too. All in good time, my pets. All in good time.

I have long loved yellow doors. Especially on white houses with black shutters. So that was my first inclination.

BUT I also looooove chartruese-y green too!

And turquoise looks lovely with white and black and brass accents!!!

And then there is the basic, but beautiful black-  too boring but it is lovely.

Which one is YOUR favorite?  Either way I think I’m going to give the new Benjamin Moore Grand Entrance paint a try.  It says it mimicks the enameled look seen on all those gorgeous doors in Europe! I bet there are other applications this would be good for, like furniture!

All these images are reminding me I need topiaries too. And a BANANAS brass door knocker. Like this insanely awesome fox one from Ivy & Vine.  Or this elephant one from Etsy.


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