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I have such a thing for front doors. I’ve always wanted to do a coffee table book of just photographs of gorgeous front doors from around the world. I don’t really know why I feel so inspired by them, but I do. Perhaps because it’s the first hint of what kind of decor and style is to be found inside the home? Your front door (and the surrounding area) can be a great place to express yourself. I tried doing a bold front door when we bought our house (also referred to as The McDonald’s Door Incident) and failed miserably. But as of late I’m tempted to try again with another color. So for inspiration, here are a slew of great door colors to consider and I’ll suggest some tips for picking a color at the bottom!















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So how do you pick a color? First you have to consider the color of your house and trim!  Here are some suggestions based on various exterior home colors:

WHITE: You really have free reign with a white house, unless you have shutters painted a color, then you need to take that color into consideration too. But if your house is like mine for example, white with black shutters, any color CAN work, just consider your surroundings and landscaping.  Particularly good colors: red, black, green, dark blue.

GREY: With grey houses I particularly love light blues/turquoise, yellow and coral pink.  Dark purple also will work as will a bolder red-orange. White trim will add to the great contrast!

BEIGE: For homes that are tan/beige/brown I would try bright red, mossy green, medium to dark blues.

BRICK: This is another “free reign” material for the most part, especially on older brick homes.  Grey, light blue, bold greens and black all look great.  With red brick or new construction brick I’d avoid red tones as it can look to matchy. Regardless, do a high gloss finish to contrast with the matte, rough brick.

STONE: I just love a good stone house- assuming the stone is in the grey family, I love black, blues (any shade), green (any shade) and an orangey-red.  Again, be sure to use a high gloss for contrast.

Do you have a colored front door you love? If so, please share the color!


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