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The universe (and my ovaries) have decided that it’s only to be Andrew and the dogs for me this Christmas.  And so for now my little muchkins Ollie and Bax ARE my kids- so I chose to lump pets and kids together in this guide. Here are some sweet little treats for little ones of both species. :)

1. How friggin’ awesome is this wee little faux fur vest? When I have a little one you better believe we will have matching ones. :)

2. Oliver is straight up obsessed with squirrels. And Baxter’s best friend in the whole world is a ratty squirrel toy named Smelly.  So I think they would really rock these sweaters, which gave me such a good laugh ( and $9 of each purchase goes to a charity of your choice!)

3.  This mobile is the most stylish, amazing thing ever! I could design a whole nursery around this beauty. A great gift for someone whose expecting and is into design!

4. Don’t have space for a ping pong table? This little set will thrill the kids once you clear off the dining room table or coffee table (and the ball is so light your vases won’t get smashed)

5. I love this rustic rope leash (NEED two for the boys!)

6. Pinhole Press has these fantastic flash cards you can make from your own photos (and a memory game too!) I love that you can teach kids from imagery they recognize from their own life.

7. Adorable books for little ladies- the Henley one’s cover reminds me of “I Married Adventure”, no?  And it’s never too soon to learn about Audrey.

8. Every little girl likes glitter shoes, I’m certain! (I’m, of course, partial to the leopard booties).

9. This striped sweater would look SO handsome on a little fella!!!

10. This fuzzy sheep rocker is both fun and so stylish in a nursery.  Really love it.

11. Pretty sure boys and girls alike would like to play around with this silly glasses set.

12. No more ugly pet beds- these look like stylish sheepskin rugs (which my dogs won’t get off!) They’ll blend right in with any modern decor.


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