Gift Guide: For Little Ones


Kids are the most fun to shop for during the holidays! Here are some great gifts for kids of all ages.

LL Bean Polar Flyer sled
Encourage outdoor activity with this great sled from LL Bean made of lightweight materials so dragging it BACK up the hill isn’t a pain!

For older kids, get them thinking creatively with fun cameras from Lomography. The action sampler camera takes four pictures in rapid succession and the fisheye camera makes it look like you are looking through a bubble. They will get excited to see what they produce!
action sampler camera
fisheye camera

Anyone else love the Tina Fey AmEx commercial with her and her daughter having “octopus time”? These little darlings made of recycled sweaters are too cute to resist.

Chic AND useful! These Candeloo nightlights are perfect for late night bathroom trips and make you smile!

Imagine the hours of giggles you’ll hear from this foam bowling set being used in an empty hallway!
retro foam bowling set

These stroller blankets are gorgeous as a gift for new parents!
fleece stroller blanket

For me, nothing beats a baby in a hat with ears- and this is the cutest one I’ve seen this year!
hat with ears

I can’t believe they still make these kits! I loved using these when I was a kid, and the prints they kids make with them would look great as a framed series on your wall!
Sunprint kit

These dots stick to your walls (don’t worry, they are removable!) so they can doodle on them with chalk. Great kids room wall decor AND fun for the kids!
chalk wall dots

Simple, but so cool. These playground balls come in farm animals and dinosaurs!
print ball

And finally tomorrow, will be the girls gift guide. The largest, most fun one I’ve done! :)

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