Gifts for Girls, Part 1 of Probably 50.


This is just too easy, and almost overwhelming, for me to do- picking out gifts I basically would want to find under my tree! So here are a few to start with:

J.Crew cocktail ring. Big, fun, fabulous.

I read that Tory Burch gives her girlfriends monogrammed Brooks Brothers pj’s. I love the idea, but pick a monogram thread color like yellow or pink to contrast!

Fill this femme “stocking” with goodies from Sephora and wait for the squeals of delight!

As mentioned before, silhouettes are BIG this year. Get a new mom a pendant with a silhouette of her new baby! Affordable and customizable!

For those without a baby- but rather a furry “baby” like my little Baxter- this dog sweater is to die for.

These tops are by Holiday, and they are a mix of preppy, sexy and vintage! Win, win, win!

I found this designer at the SoWa Holiday Market this weekend. She uses vintage pins on these gorgeous headbands.

Too funny to pass up. “Nobody puts baby in the corner” on command!

A pretty decent knock off of my favorite Lauren Merkin clutch for 1/4 of the price!Link

Handmade graphic clutch via Etsy for $13! One of a kind!

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