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My friend Frank sent me a link to the Gilt Mens Rick Owens sale and I don’t knwo what’s more flabbergasting- the Anakin Skywalker meets the Volturi meets Trenchcoat Mafia weirdness or the fact that most of this shiz is SOLD OUT (and I cannot even delve into the prices of this stuff).  Mr. Owens cuts a mean leather jacket, I will give him that, but this stuff is hysterical and I cannot believe Gilt is selling it! Can you imagine seeing someone wearing this on the street? I would be all “whhhaaaaaaaaaaatt?!?! Lady Gaga called and said you should stay outta her closet”

My little brother cracked me up with his comment:

“Ugh, the ankle length sweater is on sale now for $499? I feel like a sucker since I bought it for $2100!”

Sometimes, fashion BAFFLES me.

I wonder what these models are thinking…

Nothing is sexier on a man then a knee lenth fitted tee or asymmetrical one shouldered cape. Swoon.


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