Going Green-Literally.


I use my own home as kind of a “lab” for my ideas. Currently, I’m craving dark kelly green walls paired with crisp whites and dark chocolate- so I’m re-doing my office. I painted my office dusty light violet when it was the hottest color imaginable. I now hate it. So off I go to re-paint my office for the new year.
Green has always been one of my favorite colors (as I write that, all I can think about is that toast in Wedding Crashers…”she’s always loved the color green, like the color of Craig’s eyes…and money”)…I digress. So, I’m trying to find the perfect green- not too yellow, not too blue, dark but not DARK. According to the color therapy schoolof thought, green is great for calming, creativity, mental refreshing and love. All good things. Here are some of my inspirational images.

The items I already have in my office are the West Elm zebra rug, white topped IKEA desk, White IKEA Expedit bookshelves and white laqcuered baroque frame.

So I need a desk chair and a new print for the frame. Some chair options I’m considering:

I found a cheaper version ($249) of the Louis Ghost chair. I LOVE this chair and it would handle my lucite craving….but is it comfortable enough? I could add a seat cushion in a great fabric- but is this just fashion over function? Or maybe the $99 Tobias chair by IKEA– similar feel but perhaps more comfortable, and a lot less money?

A knockoff of the Eames Management chair by Chiasso or this simpler version by CB2. I love the look of these chairs but I’m not sure if I want wheels on my chair…and white leather could get crazy dirty (I eat breakfast and lunch at my desk and am NOT the tidiest of people…)

Perhaps an eBay find upholstered in a great fabric like Celerie Kemble’s Hothouse Flowers?

Help me readers, I simply cannot decide!

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