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Man, I really struggled with this review today!  I really feel so BLAH about most of the dresses and overall looks from last night and maybe there is a reason for that– because I had a lot of trouble also finding great gowns I would have picked instead!  The fashion world feels a bit underwhelming right now!

So I’ll start with Gaga.  I liked the color and the gown on her– it was great and the perfect amount of drama without it being meat or something. HOWEVER, the friggin’ HAIR. UGH!  It felt much less “edgy and funky” than it did “I just wandered away from the Disneyland theme park”.

Had her hair been platinum, and a different style, and the necklace been a smidge edgier (thinking David Webb or something- this necklace, while amazing, felt too traditional for her), I would have loved this.

I think Gemma Chan is the PRETTIEST PERSON ALIVE. So while I’m like “eh, shorts?” I think she looks amazing. I would have preferred a strappy heel, maybe some bling to it?

The back is just everything, though. And the lip.

Charlize looked so…. Charlize. She is always so statuesque and stunning and this look really suited her. Just gorgeous.

The more “mature” ladies brought the bold color and looked amazing doing it- Patricia Clarkson and Catherine Zeta Jones were stunners.

Regina King’s look was awesome. Such a beautiful color on her, the fit was impeccable and her hair and makeup are perfectly understated.

More bright color, but that I’m only so-so on. I’m not sure canary yellow is Rachel Brosnahan’s best color- but the dress itself was pretty. She needed bolder earrings and a bracelet. It felt a bit too plain.  And Allison Janney is always a favorite of mine, but the fit was a bit off on this gown- the sleeves too long and the top a bit too low/ droopy.  The hair feels too casual/ flat as well.

I will have whatever Julia Roberts is having for breakfast because she is Benjamin Button-ing so hard in this look. Her whole appearance is just so luminescent and pretty! This is a funky look, but I feel like it works on her, no? The shoes and earrings are perfect too.

Octavia Spencer’s dress was really perfect for her too. Love the neckline and the flared skirt- as well as the textured fabric!

I feel like Halle wears this same look ALL the time but God bless her, because she looks insanely good in it.  I adored Lupita’s bold blue gown, but wasn’t as big of a fan of her hairstyle.

Lucy Boynton looked elegant rocker-chic, which was perfect for this evening, and Kristen Bell looked so feminine and pretty as well. Not sure about the hair, a little blah for me, but a good overall look.

Kiki Layne’s Dior fits her so perfectly, but I am so over the whole choker thing. I would have liked bigger earrings and no necklace. Kerri Russell looks great, but I feel like the shoulders are too wide and a bit unflattering.

Isla Fisher’s gown is really pretty and feminine but a bit expected, and Camilla Belle’s dress is a study is perfect tailoring- but I HATE the eye makeup and hair. SO CLOSE!!!!

Penelope Cruz loves this silhouette, and I dig the cool fabric of this dress.  The bow at the neck was a bit big in scale I thought, and she needed bolder earrings.  I am sensing a theme ehere- everyone needed bigger jewelry!!! :)

We are divided in the office on Melissa McCarthy- some feel she looks like a wizard, I thought she looked pretty- especially the hair and makeup and this color is excellent on her.

Anne Hathaway was SO CLOSE in this leopard gown (of course, I am all for a leopard gown) but I wish the top wasn’t sequined and was just the same fabric as the skirt! And I am craving a red lip here and different hair. But hey, at least the earrings are big enough :)

I was not a fan of this sequined column on Nicole Kidman- the neck line felt strange and what was with the random bow plopped on the back of her head?? It felt so out of place!

I would have preferred this sequin Naeem Kham gown on her with some bad ass earrings like these.

Another one the office is divided on Constance Wu’s gone, I think this color is HORRIBLE on her personally. Love the skirt and velvet bow, but the sheer bustier top does her no favors. I would have MUUUUUCH rather seen her in this stunning Reem Acra!

Emma Stone was such a disappointment is this frumpy, blah sparkly sack of sadness. She is such a beauty, and so radiant too– I would kill to see her in something emerald with pockets like this gown!

I loved the deep green velvet of Taraji’s dress, but the V felt too wide and forced. I’m feeling this other metallic gown with a similar V, but less wide.

Ahhhh Claire Foy!!!! Whhhhhyyyyyy? This is so ill fitting and so wrinkly! :( Do these stylists not come armed with steamers for after the car ride?  I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of her in this deep red and navy Elie Saab gown at right– I think it would be spectacular with her coloring (with a modified slit, of course).

Elizabeth Moss missed the mark with this mini tuxedo dress. And the hair is too messy too. I would LOOOOOOOOVE her in this hot pink midi gown!!!

I love me some Emily Blunt, but I did not love this McQueen gown– the top was okay, but the asymmetrical hem looks messy and awkward. I prefer the idea of this interesting sequined long sleeve Reem Acra gown.

Gina Roderiguez also suffered from a too wide V neck as well– I would have MUCH preferred this beautiful Jenny Packham instead.

OMG Amber Heard looks like a mix of 1989 Jessica McClintock bridesmaid and old time-y saloon barmaid. I can’t deal with this whoooooole thing.  This amazing rust Reem Acra  with an elegant updo and chandelier earrings would have been such a prettier look.

Kate Mara looked so severe and uncomfortable in this gown. I found this Peter Pilotto (retail!) that I think would have been cool with her dark makeup and been a more flattering but still funky look.

Ahhhh, Lucy Lui. What in the world is this? I’m wondering if it would have been better without the weird sheer cape? But alas, I think not. This Naeem Khan gown has a similar vibe, but much better execution.

Also, I was not only super sad Bradley Cooper didn’t win best actor, but also about his white tux.  It didn’t feel right on him at all. Also, is it me or does he look SO different all the sudden?

OK, fill me in on your opinions!








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