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A little afternoon distraction a la Courtney

1. What are the last 3 things you purchased?
* a blue maxi dress in Newport that feels like jammies.
* an excellent knockoff of the Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra necklace.
* gas. ouch.

2. What are the last 3 songs you downloaded?
* the new Coldplay album, so I can sing along at the concert in August.
* the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (how have I gone so many years without it since I trashed my cassette of it?)
* Spell by Marie Digby.

3. Where were the last 3 places you visited?
* Newport, RI
* Los Angeles, CA
* Middle-of-Nowhere, Idaho

4. What are your 3 favorite movies?
* The Notebook (go ahead, make fun)
* Anchorman (my dog is named after Baxter Burgundy- my little gentleman friend).
* Breakfast at Tiffany’s

5. What are your 3 favorite possessions?
* my wedding rings
* BAXTER! (is he a possession? I did buy him…)
* my computer.

6. What 3 things can you not live without?
• television and magazines.
• my computer.
• Andy and Baxter.

7. What would be your 3 wishes?
* Finding inner peace, whatever that is.
* To buy my dad a dream plot of land for a beach house.
* For everyone I love to have good health forever.

8. What are 3 things you have not done yet?
* give birth.
* renovate an old home.
* get published (a project, article or book…)

9. What are your 3 favorite dishes?
* the bolognese from Via Matta.
* the grilled Mahi Mahi at the Four Season’s Maui.
* peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, anytime, anywhere.

10. What 3 celebrities would you want to hang out with the most?
* Jake Gyllenhaal.
* Gwyneth Paltrow (at her Hampton’s house).
* Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. It’s a toss up.

11. Name 3 things that freak you out.
* everything on WebMD.
* seeds in oranges– uggggghhhh. Gross.
* time passing so fast.

12. If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
* creative
* neurotic
* funny (I hope. Or else people are laughing AT me.)

13. Name 3 unusual things you are good at.
* putting things together (rooms, outfits…)
* knowing useless information about celebrities and their offspring or pets.
* mini golf.

14. What are 3 things you are currently coveting?
* A ghost chair.
* A Weinrib rug.
* an orange Mini Cooper with racing stripes and navy drop top.

15. What 3 bloggers would you like tag?
If anyone wants to do it, leave a comment and we’ll check it out. :)


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