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My Dad sent me a page torn from a magazine last week with the note “I finally found something for your blog!” Eagerly I scanned the page and immediately started laughing. I thought it was a joke, but it’s not.  Apparently, in production is a handbag, called the Wooly Vagabond, made to carry around plants. Not transport plants, but rather tote plants with you about town as an accessory. I’m all for recycling and saving the planet, but this is just SILLY. The picture of this girl in an art gallery holding her plant purse – I mean, really. If I saw someone doing that I would think they had forgotten to take their meds.

Picture 2

“God, I wish I wasn’t carrying this stupid plant around. It’s impossible to find my lip gloss in here”


“Can you grab the waiter? I think my purse plant needs some water.”


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