Grey is the New Black


Sorry for the lack of posts, I had some technical issues after my long weekend. I hve such love/hate relationship with my computer, and today is a hate day.

Anyways, I am noticing that a lot of people have a hard time picking paint colors (I am not immune to this trouble either). Therefore, lots of people go beige which is fine, but nothing to write home about. My husband constantly ribs me about how I tend to fall back on beige for things such as walls, couches and the like as you can always accessorize with bold color. My mom probably assumes that my dad has Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque paint running through his veins instead of blood, so it is by genetics that I am predisposed to the Beige Overload.

But taking a clue from the fall runway looks, everyone seems to be going grey instead of beige this season- especially in interiors. And there are about 100 versions of grey that can suit any interior- my personal favorite are the lilac infused greys such as C2’s Bella Donna- smoky and peaceful and a great backdrop to most colors! I am loving red against lilac right now.
If your furniture and upholstery is more on the warm side, try a great brown grey such as C2’s Charlie Horse, Rolling Stone or Pale Granite. A much more modern and crisp way to do nuetrals.
Navy is also big this season, and a gorgeous paint version of this color with a grey influence is C2’s Mistral. Very dramatic and would look fantastic with silver and white accent pieces! For a lighter blue grey, try C2 Silver Screen or Overcast. And for a bathroom or bedroom, give a green/grey a whirl with C2 Dorian Gray or Dewdrop.

As you can tell, I am a big fan of C2 paint colors, check them out online (but see the colors in person at a retailer, the online swatches do NOT do it justice).

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