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I have a hearty dose of pink going on in my new house.  Somehow I managed to sneak these pink decisions by Andrew.  Or else he his appeasing me while saving up for one big ridiculous request I won’t be able to deny- like putting a ping pong table in the living room). But I have kept the pink very subtle- not sweet or saccharine.  The guest bedroom walls are a light, lovely pink (Benjamin Moore Blanched Coral) accented with dark emerald green and the master, as you saw) is underway with a pink accent pillow.  The secret is to temper the pink with lots of neutrals or make a BIGGER statement than pink with something else (like black, navy, a crazy print…)  Some great examples of using pink in an adult way below:

This is a lot of pink, but the shades have a heavy dose of warm neutral to them so they don’t read “baby girl on the way!!” but more earthy and sophisticated. The modern chrome bed adds an edge too…


Super subtle pink walls almost disappear….


ADORE these coral pink drapes on light pink walls- somehow though, it doesn’t feel super girly.  My guess is the bold print chairs, rug and lamp…


A light pink dining bench looks almost neutral in this setting…


SUPER pale pink is so calming in bedrooms…


Just a hint of pink in the drapes, balanced with a smidge of bolder pink on pillows. LOVING that brass hardware too (gold and pink are heaven together)


QUITE the headboard…


Adding just a small piece in pink, like this modern chair, sets of subtler hints of pink in artwork….


Pink and natural linen and raffia are a great pairing…


Some ways to add pink- subtle or bold but always mature:


1. ABC Home light 2. Zoe Pawlak painting 3. BM Blanched Coral (tip: when picking a light pink paint always pick a chip WAY lighter than you think you want- it will come out MUCH darker on the wall!) 4. West Elm pillow 5. West Elm pillows 6. Dune & Duchess candelabra 7. ABC Home pillows 8. Canvas mug and dish 9. Horchow chandelier 10. Overdye pink rug (NEED this for my bedroom SO BAD).


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