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While it is in no way innovative or by any means, a brilliant new idea, I do think not enough women out there are tapping into a HUGE available resource – that is, when it comes to dressing. Ladies, are you listening? BORROW YOUR MAN’S GARBS!!! I’m talking jackets, button downs, sweaters, vests, hats, etc., and the biggest plus is it will always fit! What other kind of shopping can offer you that??

With the new Coco Chanel movie coming out and all the recession ‘shop in your own closet to cut spending’ talk going on out there, the menswear look should continue to sweep the fashion world with no end in sight and I couldn’t be happier…

Need a shirt dress this summer? Pull out one of your boyfriend’s button downs to belt and wear with gladiator sandals.

Don’t want to spend a ton of money on a new over-sized blazer to go with your skinny jeans? Try your husband’s tux jacket and one of his white tees.

Looking for a new beach cover-up? Grab your guy’s white oxford to throw on over your bathing suit.

And the best part of it all is there is a whole spectrum that fits in the ultra-feminine girl all the way to the woman who isn’t afraid to wear a bow tie or suspenders (TRY it!). So here are some pictures to inspire us all, help figure out where you fit in (if you do at all) and go for it! My only other advice – give him the heads up. ;)

Oh, and to help you fill in all the rest of your wardrobe needs, come by Looc this weekend (4/18, 4/19), mention Elements of Style and receive 20% off any of our beautiful Spring clothing!! And if you’re not a Boston reader, check out the store’s blog for some of our featured items and email info@loocboutique.com, receive the discount and we will ship it out to you!!

Jackets/Blazers, Button Downs, Sweaters…

Rock a scarf in a bow or just wear a bow tie!

Always add a little femininity to the look…
Or maybe a big sweater or cardigan as a dress?
Tuck it, scarf it, and belt it!
A little less menswear, a bit more androgynous but stripes are so Looc.
The classic striped shirt – a staple – on Gwyneth (left picture)
should be in store in the next few weeks!
And just for fun – black, white and a pop of yellow!

Hope you enjoyed my guest blogging! xxAudra


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