Happy Birthday Mom…


On the occassion on my Mom’s 39th-ish birthday (ahem!) this week I thought I would diverge from design blogging and write a little something about her. In thinking about all that my mom has done for me and my brothers I wanted to say thanks for it all.

So here we go.

Thanks for tolerating me being a 9 pound baby that was 3 weeks late in the middle of sweltering August. Good times, I’m sure.

Thanks for not walking out of the hospital while in labor even though you had decided you “didn’t want to have a baby anymore”. (That still makes me laugh).

Thanks for your good genes- namely your eyes, nose and laugh.

Thanks for not putting me up for adoption when I dared Mike to walk across the jungle gym and he almost killed himself.

Thanks for teaching me to walk, read, write, speak and draw. All very helpful abilities these days.

Thanks for allowing the hairdresser to give me a mullet….wait a second….

Thanks for encouraging my creativity.

Thanks for telling me I was beautiful even when I looked like a permed walrus with a penchant for neon lycra and blue eyeshadow.

Thanks for the bug collections, leaf collections, inner ear models and other numerous school projects that you assisted on. A+ for you!

Thanks for standing by me when I was sick. For taking the best care of me that you could during that awful time. For saving my life.

Thanks for letting me go away to school and trusting that I would take care of myself.

Thanks for not telling me you hated my boyfriends when really you could have. Turns out it is best that I learn that on my own.

Thanks for taco night when dad was away on business. The sight of Old El Paso boxes still make me salivate.

Thanks for not flinching at the $75 a person brunch bill the first time you met Andrew at the Four Seasons and all we ate were a few muffins.

Thank you for the most perfect wedding ever.

Thanks for loving my husband and treating him like your son.

Thanks for pushing me to be the best version of myself I can be.

I love you, happy birthday!

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