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As I sign off for the holidays (back Monday the 28th) I wanted to leave you with not only my most sincere thanks for your continued support, interest and great ideas/comments/suggestions but also ask for your feedback on a few things.  I want 2010 to be a big, BIG year for EofS and one in which I make sure that I continue to help inspire you (and make you laugh a little too).  So as an X-mas favor, let me know your thoughts on the following:

*What do you want more of (fashion? shopping guides? design advice? DIY projects? etc.) I know you want to see more of my work, which WILL be happening in 2010, as some of my fun projects come to their final stages!

*Would you like a separate fashion blog or allow this one to develop into more of a “lifestyle blog” incorporating interior design, fashion, entertaining, beauty/fitness, cooking, drinking and general awesomeness?

*Would you like to see Saturday posts done by guest editors that focus on things like kids, cooking, arts, entertainment, music, etc.?

* What kind of shows do you think are missing from the TV landscape right now? What ARE you watching and what do you think you would watch? A show that mirrors a Domino issue? A young, hip Martha Stewart type show? A Rachel Zoe Project type show for interior designers or maybe just more straight-up design/fashion makeover shows?

If I could I would give you all the gift of reviving Domino itself for Xmas. But since I can’t,  I’ll just leave you with a cyber-hug and wishes for a happy, healthy holiday!

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