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I have to be honest.  Lately, I’ve been feeling really uninspired. It happens to the best of us, and with the stifling heat and humidity that Boston has been forced to bear, I think it’s fogged my brain and crippled my design desires a bit. Not to mention that I came home to flooded apartment this weekend. Killer. But this week WILL fix that.  Wednesday I head to Brimfield with photographer/friend Sarah Winchester (and some sunscreen). Check. I got photos of amazing progress on two projects (check, check) and in addition, I Twittered yesterday that I have not been so inspired by an issue of a shelter magazine since the demise of Domino as I was by the July/August issue of House Beautiful (giant, neon pink CHECK). From the saturated color and absence of it, to the amazing variety of small spaces covered, I dogeared nearly every page for one reason or another.  Perhaps it’s because small spaces are not only romantic and interesting, but also tend to be more accessible.  While I love seeing what someone has masterfully done with a sprawling six story townhouse or 8,000 square foot country residence, I’m personally more inspired by what someone has done with a one bedroom apartment.

Lets’ start with the color saturated cover story- a 390 square foot Manhattan residence designed by owner David Kaihoi for him, his wife and their daughter.  There are so many fabulous things about this space- the daring choice of color, the multi-purpose furniture, the jaw-dropping wallpaper in the bedroom and cherry red closet interior!  The only thing I wonder about is the kid sleeping in the same room as her parents every night on a trundle. That would get old fast for me, and I have to imagine it’s  abit of a drag on their “relationship”. But let’s gloss over that and focus on the space:




Next up, what might be my favorite of the spaces covered- a one bedroom in NYC’s Gramercy Park (I lived there in college and LOVE that area).  I absolutely love the light in this place- and the decor just amplifies that with the white floor, the neutral but interesting color palette and the slight dollhouse feel to it. I would live here in a heartbeat.






And finally, a California bungalow that undoubtedly will cause you to smile and fire up your desire to blend up a fierce margarita! I adore the whimsy, sense of fun and LIFE in this space.





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