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I always get questions from clients about placing beds in front of windows. In some rooms, there is no alternative to putting a bed right in front of a window.  So I thought I’d show a couple examples of how to make this work along with some other random thoughts on treating the wall behind the bed.

If you hate the idea of a bed in front of a window, you’ll want to conceal it.  One way to do this is to layer window treatments to make it as cozy as possible.  This image from Lonny below is a great example- by having a roman shade made of bamboo (kept down) flocked by long panels of curtains with tall, statement bedside lamps makes that wall feel purposely designed– not as though you are trying to hide something (even though you are).


Another thing to do is to embrace the window. Treat the window like a headboard itself, or better yet, a work of art hung above the bed.  This picture is a perfect example. again, long drapes are KEY here- you need to frame the window to make it look like the placement of the bed is on purpose, not a last resort. Also, the curtains then give you a solid background to place the lamps in front of.

MLS GreenwichMBedroom

This might be my favorite treatment of a window behind a bed!  This person installed a floor to ceiling sheer on a ceiling track to only slightly conceal the window, but also making a very ethereal, cool backdrop wall for the bed! I absolutely love it!  The curtain makes the ceiling seem so much higher and filters beautiful light into the space (that baller chandy doesn’t hurt either).


Sometimes the bed is JUST wider than the wall in between the windows in a bedroom, but the does not mean you can’t still put it there.  The picture below shows how balanced it can look even if the proportions are a bit off.

bd2fdd5945c4Another great way to conceal a window is by using a large folding screen behind the bed.  I adore folding screens and think this is a great use for them, window or not! The genius DIY queen Jenny over at Little Green Notebook made this one from scratch all by herself (learn how to do it here).


Some more screens as headboards:






And just because we’re talking about this area of the bedroom, I have to mention my new favorite composition of hanging art or tall mirrors behind each nightstand instead of over the bed! I just used this on an e-design project (yes, I do remote e-design) hanging framed tall panels of wallpaper beside the bed, behind each nightstand and the using a sunburst mirror ABOVE the bed.  LOVE LOVE LOVE. :)







One last thought- large art as a headboard. Just love it. Modern, clean and cool. Just sayin’.




And this just because it’s ridiculously awesome and genius- bookshelves surrounding the bed? Duh.



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