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So here I am in this rough economy with more work than I can handle. Funny the way things work out, isn’t it? I am in need of a part time assistant and am hoping that the blog gods will be kind and send me someone who meets the following criteria-

– ability to work 2 days a week Monday thru Friday (maybe three if it’s really bananas) for about 5 hours a day. Flexibility with this is a must.
– you have to have a car and know your way around this mess of roadways called Boston.
– a real love and interest in design, art, blogging, fashion, etc.
– ninja-like internet skills.
– design degree or experience in design and/or drafting skills (CAD no necessary since I do not have the program! Sharpen your pencils, we roll old school here!)
– working knowledge of Photoshop would be nice. I suck at it.
– crazy organizational skills like alphabetizing things and creating filing systems.
– Must love dogs. I have two Havanese pups (hypo-allergenic) who will want to be all up in your grill and give you kisses.

– Assist me in all aspects of the design process- client meetings (measuring, taking pics), obtaining quotes and samples, putting together estimates, creating scheme boards and floor plans, filing and organization, fielding press inquiries, thinking creatively about the design business and blog (love of blogging/blogs is a plus!)
– Occasional errand running and dog walking. Told you you had to like dogs.
– Keeping me sane and laughing. :)

Please send resume and cover letter to

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