Here Comes The (Most Stylish) Bride…


I am breathless over the discovery of Lela Rose’s bridal collection. Breathless in a “where the hell was she when I needed a dress” way. Hands down, this is my favorite current bridal collection on the planet. I am quite obsessed with wedding planning, as I’ve mentioned before, so those of you who have no need or interest in the subject please bear with me. For those who ARE, I want to get into wedding styling as well as interiors so CALL ME. :)
Lela is knows for her ready to wear line of fabulously cutting edge yet simple clothing, and this is her first foray into bridal- and she completely knocked it out of the park. The lines are modern yet traditionally simple and the detailing is to die for, but not in a tiara-wearing bride type of way. More in a Parisian couture type of way. These are the perfect dresses for the city bride, the country bride, the beach bride…you name it, one of these will work for you and leave the ladies in attendance jealous as all get out and the men drooling. Jackpot.

Vera, Schmera…Lela is so much cooler.

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