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Did you guys see the little pic of Jonathan Adler’s bathroom in this month’s House Beautiful? It was seriously under 2″ square but it jumped out at me more than some of the full page photos because of that INSANE vintage Hermes metal sign on the wall! Say WHAT?!?!? Here’s a bigger pic of it I found on Pinterest- how have I never seen this before?

Three things- 1) I need the back story on how he got that 2) if it were mine I would hang that bad boy somewhere other than the bathroom- perhaps around my neck so no one would miss seeing it EVER. I’d be like the Favor Flav of designers 3) how about the rest of that bathroom?? The brass pipes, black ceiling, subway tile? I can’t even….

But seriously, I’ve never seen anything like that sign before. There’s a lot of Hermes out there for the home that is used ad-nauseum – empty orange boxes, THE tray and THE blanket (is there another? I think not).  Not that I am complaining about ANY of those things, I love them all equally and even have some in play in my own home…

So here’s the thing with Hermes trays, especially the one we all love seen below… most are fakes. EXPENSIVE fakes. Even sold at reputable stores- a real vintage one would set you back thousands, but a replica will be a cool $600 or so. Just something interesting I learned…

As a side note, if someone asked me what I would do if I won the lottery I would just show them this picture (and explain that they cut out the two store employees carrying out two other loads this size to me car)


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