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I count my two furbabies as my kids, so I had to include some goodies for them, but also some great picks for kids of the human kind. :)

1) How friggin’ cute are these striped backpacks??

2) My studiomate Jess’ pup was sporting this the other day and I nearly keeled over laughing!

3) What little boy wouldn’t think this hat was AWESOME? Skulls and a mohawk? Heck yeah!

4) I used to think Astronaut Ice Cream was the coolest! I love this old school stocking stuffer!

5) Adorable rocking boat that would actually look cute in your house.

6) This ruffled dress is part tutu to thrill the little one, part “does that come in my size” for Mom.

7) The most stylish dog bed EVA. Seriously.

8)  This GIANT giraffe (over 4 feet tall) would thrill kids next to the tree, plus it looks so cool in a kid’s room!

9) Lets get back to the basics and get creative with just our hands, kids!

10) For design freaks, Sister Parish dog collars and leashes! This is one of my fave prints for the home!


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