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Now that we are home from Aruba the holidays feels REALLY over and it’s back to reality.  So here’s a quick snapshot of my holiday (follow me on Instagram to see more):

Connecticut. Fires. Wine. Presents. Etc.

Some celebration.  Book deals tend to entice one to imbibe in such activities.


This view. For 8 days. 85 degrees, constant trade winds and lots of old, terrifyingly tan foreigners in very small swimwear.

Time with these smiley faces (Andrew, his sister and her INCREDIBLE daughter. No seriously, you would die she is so cute).

Spent the last two days of vacay laid out with some sort of flu/cold situation.  Now Andrew’s got it too.

And then we came home at midnight Saturday after a 10 hour trip while sick to…..BAM! No more kitchen!!!!! The Wellbuilt crew tore all that crap out while we were sunning ourselves on the beach!

It’s amazing how much more spacious it feels already and we’re just past the demo phase!  It’ll be a quick 4-5 more weeks until it’s completed! So off we go my peeps- brand new kitchen COMIN’ AT YA! My cabinets are being finished up now by the AMAZING folks at Vermont Custom Cabinetry. Seriously, these guys are so awesome and totally dedicated to this project.

Stay tuned!!!


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