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One of my favorite go-to places for home accessories, bedding, dishware and the like is Homegoods.  I am pretty certain you all do the same.  I’ve found some spectacular things (all the plates for my plate wall in my kitchen above, for example) there for myself and for clients, so when they contacted me about doing a giveaway in conjunction with their partnership with Deborah Needleman, former editor in chief of Domino I jumped at it!

Deborah and Homegoods have created an online quiz called StyleScope to help you define what your personal style is. I took it and came up a “Glamorous Classic”. Totally true, I love glamour but I also tend to make my big purchases classic designs that will stand the test of time. After taking the quiz the awesome folks at Homegoods gave me $150 to spend in the store to re-do a little area of my home.  I went to the local shop and spent an hour looking around, finding a pair of amazing lamps for a client, some kitchen items, salivated over some upholstered cubes but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  And then, in true Homegoods fashion, I turned a corner and TA-DA there in the bedding section was the grey Ralph Lauren Penthouse bedding I had been coveting for my master bed at Bloomingdales before my last photo shoot months ago.  I couldn’t afford it at Bloomies because the duvet and shams were $800 (say what?)  But here they were, $150 for everything! I could not believe my luck! My husband has said I am not allowed any more all white bedding since our rascally dogs sleep with us in bed and it looks dirty all the time. So I knew he’d be thrilled with the grey color as well-brownie points for me. I was so excited that I almost overlooked that they were for a king- we have a queen.  So what did I do? Went and ordered a king bed that very day (double brownie points)! Who buys a new bed to go with her discount designer bedding? This gal! I’m designing a headboard I’m going to make and ordering a faux fur throw for the foot and it’s going to be spectacular. All inspired by Homegoods!

Picture 2(My new bedding is a beautiful light grey with deeper grey sateen banding. Swoon)

So anyways, the re-do is in progress so photos will come soon but I did not want to delay any longer in getting you the opportunity to win your own $150 giftcard to Homegoods! No joke, people! $150 goes a long way there! All you have to do is take the quiz and leave a comment with what your result was. Oh, and another thing- you have to send me before and after pics of what you do in your home with the $150. I’ll post my new bedding/bed and your before and after! The contest will run until Friday Nov. 6th at 7 a.m. EST. I’ll randomly draw the winner then and post the name of the lucky person! Good luck!

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