Homegoods Goes Highbrow


The Scene: Homegoods in Framingham. Lots of housewives and old couples buying truly heinous thanksgiving themed dishware and dishtowels with christmas trees on them (you know since it’s RIGHT around the corner and all). Me, trying make it to the cash register with my glass apothecary jars ($12.99! Score!) without running into the CRAZY lady who kept asking me if this blindingly ugly rug would match the equally nauseating wall tapestry in her cart. (I kindly suggested something else). When all of the sudden I stop dead in my tracks- stacked right by the checkout isle were two vintage Louis Vuitton hard suitcases. Just sitting there- no crowds of women oogling them or fighting WWF style in order to snag one. They were just walking by, leaving the gorgeous cases unappreciated!! I thought perhaps I was hallucinating- I hadn’t slept well last night after all. Upon approach I saw that they were in fact real- with very real pricetags of $1,300 each. Apparently, select Homegoods now have a small section of authentic antiques from Paris. Cute signs, prints, vintage sports equiptment….and FREAKING LOUIS VUITTON SUITCASES.
Sadly I had to checout sans Louis, but maybe next time I go in they’ll have Le Courbusier chairs.

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