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I am blogging from an old PC laptop this morning after forgetting my power cord in CT  so I’m going to make it brief until I get to my office and can post more of the FABULOUS entries I got for the “best bargain” contest, but I wanted to post the winners first thing!  I loved seeing all your clever and jaw-dropping finds and choosing five was INSANELY difficult! But I think I’m pretty happy with what I narrowed it down to:

1) This entry from Julie in California  is ridiculous since it’s not one item but two- the dining table was $35 and the amazing orange buffet (very Pieces) was only $40 (she painted it orange and I LOVE the color) . I adore the whole feel of this room! 


Dresser After2

2) This lucite bar cart is something I wish I had for my office- and reader Irene  got it for only $60! In an antiques store this would go for hundreds if not over $1,000.


3) Deanna found these little benches at Homegoods for $35 each  and used a small amount of designer fabric to recover them.  Now they look incredibly expensive! (Also, the fab zig zag wool rug was also from Homegoods for $50!)

Benches 1

4) This chandelier sent in by Callie in Atlanta made me GASP. It is drop dead gorgeous.  At $350 from an antiques shop it’s not dirt cheap, but a COMPLETE bargain as this baby is worth much, MUCH more than that!


5) Another item that isn’t exactly pocket change but something that would sell for triple or quadruple what was paid for it is this modern armoire sent in by Beth.  She paid $300 for it on eBay (plus free delivery) and we all know that it would be thousands at an antiques store!


If I posted you as a winner please email e your mailing address to eosgiveaway@gmail.com!!!! Congrats to all and I’ll post the MANY runners up later this morning/afternoon!


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