Homeless Designer Seeks Shelter.


Did that get your attention? Good because yours truly has 8 weeks to find a new home. That’s right, last week we found out our landlord is being foreclosed on and we are out May 1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. The picture above is how I feel about it. So, here I am using this blog as a platform to help myself find a new home. If you are in Boston or know someone in Boston’s South End or Back Bay who has a fabulous 2 bedroom for rent or sale please tell them about little ol’ moi. The listings right now are grim, so I’m hoping to find something by word of mouth. I have to say, I am the world’s best renter because it is my blood to make improvements on a space even if it’s not mine. :) And if you are thinking of selling, well, have your people call my people (my people being Baxter and Ollie).

Thanks guys! A new home means fun new blog posts…I’m trying to l0ok on the bright side (but really spend most of the day cursing my current situation).

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