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I am a real estate agent’s worst nightmare. As the daughter of an architectural designer and an interior designer myself I am insanely picky about homes. I spent many weekends as a kid with my Dad driving around looking at homes as he pointed out beautiful facades, sites and details.  I also have a major obsession with old homes- show me a new McMansion and I’ll turn on my heel, but show me a dilapidated 1860’s Greek Revival cottage and I will clean out my bank account for it.  Unlike some people, I can see potential in a disaster, but since I don’t have the funds to do what a lot of my lovely little wrecks need, I have to find something in between old and sturdy/updated.  And in the booming Boston market, this has proven very difficult. Homes we’ve been looking at not only are selling in a week, but selling for over asking. You have to move fast, which when making such a huge decision feel impossible to me! Gratefully my Dad is an incredible resource and has helped us avoid money pits and pushed us towards homes that I may not loooooooove but he insists he can help make adorable. So we continue our search… so in the meantime here are some styles of homes I would love to live in (99% are from Cottage Living….(WHY did that magazine fail? It was so good!)

This 1920’s cottage is the stuff I dream about.

A small brick front Charleston cottage:

I am currently laser focused on Greek Revivals…

or a bungalow (very rare up here in New England)

Or even this Victorian style guy…

Pretty much anything on architect Patrick Ahearn’s website makes me weep with joy:

However, this about the size of a Patrick Ahearn house I can afford:

(Can you even stand it?)


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