Hugs & Kisses


Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!  I know sometimes the fellas don’t take the time to plan something extra special this holiday so I’ve planned a great day for you!


1. A bouquet of perfect pink peonies, everyone’s favorite flower. :)

2. A magically good hair day- perhaps a perfect romantic braided updo that doesn’t make you look like you wandered away from fellow cast members from Heidi.

3. A non-email love letter stamped with these custom couple monograms.

4. Champagne truffles dusted with gold- so you can ingest some bling too.

5. A night where red lipstick doesn’t make you feel like a clown/poser.

6. Your significant other lets you decorate with pink!

7. A serious and classic dream bauble.

8. He watches The Notebook with you while giving you a foot rub and listening to you swoon over Noah/Ryan.

9. Lots of pink champagne.

10. A plethora of luxuriously expensive candles.

11. A PUPPY!!!!!

12. He’d like you in this and this.

13. But you’d be more psyched to get these.

Hey, a girl can dream right?

P.S. Happy Valentines to my three loves- Andrew, Bax and Ollie. Love you all so very much.

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