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Here we go east coasters, Frankenstorm/ Sandy is about to plow through and while I remain skeptical of it’s severity here in Boston we all have to stay home today and wait it out.  I go stir crazy VERY quickly during times like these so I need to make sure I have enough to do/eat/drink/read/watch while we are hunkered down.  And for the first time in my life I have a house to worry about- trees falling on roofs and shiz. Man, I am such a grown-up.

So what does one need to survive being cooped up and a possible loss of power and cable? First and foremost- WINE.  Oh yes, some delicious red to keep your wits about you when the wind starts howling (or your dog does- for which I am armed with liquid chicken flavored Xanax- I kid you not. I am a yuppie of the highest order).  Next- food. The only thing I was worried about running out of was chips (these are SOOOOOOOO good)  and hummus. Between that and Luna bars I could survive for weeks on end (with a multi-vitamin of course- not exactly the dinner of champions). I didn’t think to stock up on water (other than Pellegrino-whoops) but I do have a huge bucket of Halloween candy I picked up prepared for a million neighborhood kids that no doubt will be in my belly by tomorrow.  Also supplied with some Tazo Earl Grey to keep me warm.  Lots of candles are essential- love the warm glow of these West Elm hurricanes. As long as we have power we’ll be watching Breaking Bad, which I just got hooked on- season 3 here we come!  And without power (NO INTERNETS????) a good book helps pass the time- I just finished The Language of Flowers and it was really quite good! Of course a snuggly outfit is a must- love this bright blanket cardigan, leggings and cute (and soft) Minnetonka booties!  Perfect for snuggling up on the couch in front of a fire (or a Duraflame log in my case) with a faux fur blanket!

Good luck you guys, and please stay safe!!!


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