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I seriously have to resist from chucking hard objects at my tv every morning when all the news channels keep repeating ad nauseum “whaaaaat will Kate Middleton wear?” and “lets compare her yet again to Diana” (yes lets, because that’s fair). If I hear one more thing about the freaking royal wedding I am going to have one royal sized hissy fit and only watch re-runs of Jeopardy until Saturday.  I feel as bad for Kate (as bad as you can for a gorgeous soon-to-be real princess).  I can’t imagine the pressure of not only being watched this closely and the expectations for your dress to make children weep with it’s beauty- but more so the comparisons to Diana. Holy hell, I mean, leave the girl alone and let her be HERSELF!  And speaking of that, according to Us Weekly and Perez Hilton (you know, the news) Kate has chosen to have custom made Union Jack scarves in various ANIMAL PRINTS as her favors. If this is true, she is the baddest princess ever and has my blessing! Rock on Kate.

But let’s all remember this….

And it’s in ENGLAND! This is the UNITED STATES where tornadoes are ripping roofs off airports and mothers have gone missing and teenagers are killing themselves over bullies. Let’s report on THAT not interview another British milliner about hats for f*cks sake!!!

Phew. I had to get that out.

I do however love me some union jack- especially on pillows. Like these. YUMMY.


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