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Element Interiors LLC/ Elements of Style has a new place to call home in Boston’s Fort Point Channel!  My dad and I went to IKEA to get the first load of furniture yesterday and Andrew spent three and half hours (while sick/dying), putting it together (while I supervised/asked “is that right?”)

You remember what it looked like when I agreed to rent it….



Now it’s been made clean and white and brightly lit and it’s time to DECORATE IT.  The concept is black, white, grey and pops of pink.  I took an old formal rug from my parent’s house that is neutrals and pinks for the desk area, and it looks great! As noted, one wall is going to be painted with black chalkboard paint for sketches, notes, ideas etc.  I have a great pink lamp that will go on my desk, above which I’ll hang some artwork in mostly black and white (and hopefully pink!) I want a large inspiration wall and I’ll wither do it on the wall in betweent he windows OR I was thinking why not use the column and a place to tape up inspirational images? Thoughts?



Picture 11

I’ll create a seating area with either a sofa or the vntage wingbacks I have waiting to be refinished (in white with grey linen upholstery), a lucite coffee table, the great IKEA lamp I got and black and white cow hide rug.

Picture 12

My favorite IKEA item I got was the dark grey, glass doored Edland armoire. But when I opened the box and saw how many screws were in there I felt a little bad for Andrew. But he tackled it beautifully and put it together perfect for me! Yay for clever husbands.



Inspirations for the space:



Yes, there will be a bar cart in my office Don’t judge.


gallery wallgallery wall2

Picture 5312CkquAa+L._AA260_



Also, tonight I am lucky enough to attend a Mass General forum featuring Anna Wintour and Michael Kors speaking about eating disorders in the fashion industry. I cannot WAIT to hear what the queen of slim has to say about that- and see her in person! I’ll do a full recap tomorrow! What ever will I wear?

P.S. If you missed it, check my post from this weekend about a killer new yoga video I am highly endorsing! :)


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