I Need a New Sofa.


Andrew and I are in desperate need of a new sofa and pair of armchairs for our living room. The sofa and love seat we have now, although not entirely offensive, is just so tired and OVER. I mean, we bought them from a discount furniture store 4 years ago and have since ruined the slipcovers by improper washing, stained it with red wine and “couch dinners” (although we have 2 dining areas- we eat on the couch- and now Baxter who likes to chew meat filled Dingo bones on it. So, I need what most people need out of a new couch- classic, timeless style, quality construction and stain resistant fabric!

I really like the look of tight back, upholstered sofas. I want something with very clean lines and as little frump and fluff as possible, while still being comfy enough for Netflix movie marathons. It needs to have arms (to hold up pillows for snuggling during said marathon) and did I mention stain resistant fabric? (But not microfiber.)

This is the Jasper sofa from Room & Board and I have loved it for a long time. It does come in a variety of non microfiber stain resistant fabrics- some even look like linen weaves, which I love.

The jury is still out for me on the new Eliot sofa by West Elm. I like it, but I think they made it a TOUCH too bulky in the arms. And the back is a few inches too short.

This one from Pottery Barn….well, it’s fine. But do I want fine or do I want fabulous?

Ahh, Mitchell Gold. So many here I love. Sidenote- they are having a floor model sale right now and you could pick up some really nice, almost perfect furniture for 40-60% off! Go!

I saw this one as a floor model in chocolate velvet- the nail heads are so sleek and sexy.

I like the swooped arms, but I think Andrew will veto this one.

This looks comfy, but perhaps a bit bottom-heavy?

My decision may be made for me with this name!!!! And I actually LOVE it as well!

These next two are by Ethan Allen and are of the same name- so they are different takes on a similar silhouette. I like both!

The next two are by Boston Interiors- budget friendly, big fabric selection and both pretty cute. The first is a take on the Petrie sofa by C&B (which is next!).

Ahh, the Petrie sofa. When I saw this one in white in “The Break Up” I swooned. Loved it. (Also loved Jennifer Aniston’s clothes and jewelry!) But in person it leaves a bit to be desired on the quality front. The cushions look like they would flatten out like pancakes over time.

So there you have it, my sofa picks! Now if only our tax return would allow the actual purchase of such sofas! We shall see…. :)

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