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Sorry for the delay in posting today, I was in CT dropping Baxter off before our trip to Idaho tomorrow! We’re off to do all sorts of ranch-y things at Andrew’s uncle’s vacation home out there. Am excited at the prospect of perhaps shooting at empty beer cans and riding an ATV. Or perhaps just hanging with my favorite new family members with lots of wine in the hot tub!
Anyways, I was tagged by the exquisitely gifted Patricia at pve design to partake in a little blogger game of “6 quirky things about me”. Just 6? But there are so many…

1) I like to read magazines backwards. I don’t know why, but I always want to see the end first and work my way back.
2) I absolutely will not eat oranges with seeds. Seeds completely gross me out and even if I’ve made all the effort to peel one and bite into it and there is a seed- in the trash. I know, weird.
3) I talk to my dog all day as if he is going to respond and fully understands.
4) I have intense wander lust, but when push comes to shove, I want to stay in New England.
5) I totally believe in and follow my horoscope.
6)I like ketchup, tomato sauce, salsa and just about any other tomato byproduct, but I HATE tomatoes.

I tag Inside the Loop, Turquoise Chic and Annechovie!

See you guys on Monday!


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